Absinthe L'Entêté
Absinthe L'Entêté
Absinthe L'Entêté

Absinthe L'Entêté

The Combier distillery (in Saumur) is renowned for the high quality of its absinthes and liqueurs. This absinthe was created in 2012 by the owner of the distillery himself, Franck Choisne. Its name, l'Entêté, refers to Frank's perseverance in his fight for the recognition and legalization of absinthe in France.

L'Entêté is a premium absinthe, distilled from grand wormwood grown near the distillery, fennel from Provence and green anise from Spain. It is naturally colored with chlorophyll.

With L’Entêté, Combier revisits the codes of classic absinthes and revives the fresh, traditional and herbaceous taste of the grand wormwood. We recommend to taste this absinthe without sugar (notably because of its relatively low alcohol degree compared to the other Vertes). Recommended ratio : 3 volumes of absinthe for 5 volumes of fresh water. 

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Distillerie Combier
Loire Valley
62 %
70 cl

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