Heriose - Single Malt Whisky, Le...

Heriose - Single Malt Whisky, Le Classique

A racy, audacious and uninhibited single malt whisky. A clever blend of Maison Boinaud's know-how, its expertise in aging and its taste for innovation, Heriose is based on quality ingredients. The barley comes from France and the water is drawn directly under the distillery. 

  • The double distillation in stills, the meticulous selection of the barrels and the blending give this whisky its unique identity.
  • Heriose challenges customs, claims a heritage and dares (ose) to reinvent it.
  • With its square base and crystal-clear glass and rounded shoulders of intense matte black, the bottle has character. It dares to mix two styles, two eras, to reinvent the classics of French glassware. 

A whisky with a golden color and pastry and gourmet notes. From the start, vanilla is there, joined by pear, plum and honey scents. The texture is creamy and adds a twist with its spicy notes.

Specialized in the production of high-end spirits, Maison Boinaud was born in 1640 and is the largest family-owned distillery still in operation. It is located in Angeac Champagne, in the heart of the vineyards of southwest France. It is in the hands of the 24th generation, represented by Rémi and Charles Boinaud. Young and visionary, the two cousins are committed to respecting the family tradition, while turning to innovation to firmly affirm the identity of the House. They lead the estate with fervor, and wish to carefully preserve their exceptional know-how in order to transmit it to future generations.

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Maison Boinaud
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