Maïa Fleur de Sureau - alcool-free...

Maïa Fleur de Sureau - alcool-free beverage

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"The MAÏA recipe is a precious heritage that has been passed down in our family for several generations... Today, we are delighted to share it with those who, like us, enjoy creating simple yet refined recipes". Alissone and Damien Bertrand.

Every year, from May to June, the wild elderberry is adorned with delicate white flowers with exquisite aromas. They are hand-picked to preserve their freshness, delicacy and intensity. Goddess of Spring, MAÏA is the emblem of this product that celebrates the return of fine weather. Chic and elegant, MAÏA can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. Its high level of quality makes it the preferred partner of top bartenders and the accomplice of springtime drink lovers.

The MAÏA story comes to life with Alissone and Damien, a duo married for life and partners in their project, bringing together their shared passions: nature and gastronomy. Damien is the son of winegrowers from the Cognac region. He and his partner Alissone have always been deeply attached to their terroir. Their love of nature and their commitment to homemade food led them to create a handcrafted, non-alcoholic drink made from wild elderflowers: MAÏA was born.

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Elderflower spirit
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