Sodade - Spiced João, boisson...

Sodade - Spiced João, boisson spiritueuse épicée - Grogue du Cap Vert

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Rum in Cape Verde is called "grogue". It is a sugar cane alcohol with a singular taste, close to certain Brazilian cachaças. Spiced João is a spicy spirit obtained by blending traditional Cape Verdean grogue, pure sugarcane juice, with caramelized liqueur. In order to add character and subtle aromas, a maceration of different seeds was necessary. Aromas of speculoos and slightly spicy coffee will delight your taste buds. Acidity: 2/10 - Fruity: 6/10 - Sweet: 7/10

Bottle 100% recycled PCR (Post Consumer Recycled), their color can vary from one bottle to another.

Behind Sodade is Jonathan. Passionate about sugar cane spirits, introduced to rum by his family from Martinique, he has been going to the Cha de Pedra valley in Cape Verde for several years. Over the years, he met the locals, established ties with them, and ended up harvesting sugar cane. The following year the idea emerges: to make known the "Grogue" of Cha de Pedra to the French. The taste is close to some Brazilian cachaças. The distilleries remain on a family scale. The sugar cane is picked up by hand. The entire manufacturing process is done without the use of chemicals or sugar additions.

The project lies in the will to create a virtuous product, remunerative for the producers of the valley in order to make them masters of their destiny. Their qualities have been optimized by a collaboration with masters distillers located in the Charente department; their typicity is expressed with subtlety.

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