Cognac Pierre Lecat - "Origine" XO

Cognac Pierre Lecat - "Origine" XO

A beautiful aromatic complexity for this XO cognac aged 15 years, rich in floral and slightly spicy notes - clove, saffron. It offers subtle notes of nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts, baked fruits (prunes) and candied oranges. Lively attack followed by a beautiful aromatic balance, harmonious, with a long and warm finish.

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The Pierre Lecat house was created in the mid 1950’s, when the grandfather of the current co-owner Jean-Luc Lassoudière returned to the Charente to rebuild the family farm and replant vines. Pierre Lecat, Jean-Luc Lassoudière's father-in-law and a renowned watchmaker in the region, was both the inspiration for the House and its benefactor in times of need.

The vineyard, located in Fins Bois, covers 25 hectares, of which 20 hectares are dedicated to the production of Cognac brandy. The Ugni blanc constitutes today more than 90% of the vines, the Colombard and the Folle Blanche completing it. 

Pierre Lecat

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