Cognac Hennessy - Hennessy XO

Cognac Hennessy - Hennessy XO

Hennessy X.O. was born in 1870, the result of a meeting between two men and their common desire: Maurice Hennessy, the fourth generation of Hennessy owners, and Emile Fillioux, the third generation of Master Blenders. Together, they created a new and original blend with a rich and complex architecture. They named it Extra Old, one of the first of its kind. More than a hundred eaux de vie, aged between 10 and 70 years, are part of its composition. 

It offers aromas of candied fruits, a subtle and finely spiced nose, a harmony with a round character. On the palate, its unctuous texture reveals a hint of wild cocoa and the character of its woody notes. Its persistent finish comes from the complexity of its blend and its long aging.

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For more than 250 years, Hennessy has been producing its exceptional cognacs in the heart of its native region, the Charente. Responsible and committed to the protection of its terroir, Hennessy radiates the excellence of its know-how in every bottle, in more than 160 countries.

A remarkable nose and palate, extreme precision, a bold vision... The Master Blender is the guardian of the unique know-how of the House of Hennessy. For over 200 years, the Hennessy family has entrusted the tasting of its cognacs to the Fillioux family. Renaud Fillioux from Gironde represents the eighth generation in charge of blending cognacs at Hennessy. This lineage has been perpetuated for two centuries.

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