Escale - Belharra

Escale - Belharra

Vincent Assié and Thibault Feniou are both passionate about travel and spirits. In 2021, they created Shaker Spirits; their company, based in Angeac, Charente, in a former monastery built in 1750, specializes in creating new spirits brands. Their first launch is Escale, a 100% natural aperitif and a true invitation to travel.

Escale Belharra is a harmonious blend of raspberry, walnut and quassia infusions and distillates of rosemary, lemongrass, thyme and orange.

A rare and unexpected phenomenon caused by certain weather conditions, Belharra is a giant and quite exceptional wave that breaks off the coast of the Basque Country. Each of its appearances is a real event for surfers around the world.

Escale Belharra offers aromas of raspberries and thyme and a persistent, intense and sweet perfume. In the mouth, a beautiful sweetness and an explosion of flavors: red fruits, orange, spices, with pronounced notes of cinnamon and lemongrass. The aromas are long and herbaceous, persistent and intoxicating.

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