Ayama "Baboon's Swing" 2018 Chenin...

Ayama "Baboon's Swing" 2018 Chenin blanc - South Africa

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A wonderfully ripe Chenin Blanc with a honeyed nose, notes of  quince, pear and fig, a creamy mouthfeel and a distinct minerality. The wine is vinified and aged in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. It is named in homage to the local troop of baboons, “even as the latter devises strategies for a share of Shiraz grapes and veggies: In fact one of our wines, a delicious Chenin Blanc, is called Baboons’ Swing, after watching the agile youngsters using poles and wires in the Chenin vineyards as their personal jungle gym” Owner Michela Sfiligoi

Michela Sfiligoi and her husband, both Italians, bought in 2004 Slent, a historic mountainside farm in the Paardeberg region outside Cape Town, home to vines and orchards of plums and pears. The couple added olive groves and worked on creating a unique offering of Italian and South African wines. Some of the vines were imported from Italy, then grown in South Africa. Ayama’s fine Chenin’s was joined by Shiraz and Pinotage, wine cultivars for which the Voor Paardeberg region is renowned. 

In November 2014, they planted two hectares of the very FIRST Vermentino in South Africa, a Sardinian clone going through 6 years of waiting between quarantine and vines to be made. 

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Voor Pardeberg
South Africa
Chenin blanc
75 cl
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