Cognac Frapin - XO VIP

Cognac Frapin - XO VIP

The Cognac XO VIP comes exclusively from the Domaine Frapin, located in Grande Champagne. This appellation, recognized as the most famous Cognac cru, offers eaux-de-vie with an unmatched perfume, the most suitable for prolonged aging, guaranteeing an optimal quality of Cognac. Distilled with the lees, the XO VIP is then aged at the Domaine in humid cellars for several decades, which gives it all its roundness and suppleness.

The XO VIP decanter is inspired by the encounter between a perfume bottle and an inkwell. A subtle alliance between the elegant perfume of this XO and the love of literature of the Frapin House, a distant heritage of a prestigious ancestor, François Rabelais.

The nose offers pleasant floral notes and a beautiful aromatic complexity punctuated by subtle woody touches. The delicacy of the nose is followed by the power of the palate, which reveals notes of chocolate, dried and candied fruits, gingerbread... the expression is sophisticated, complex, deep, without ever losing the original freshness of the fruit. Composed with the precision of a sonnet, the XO VIP is an ode to the passion of creation and taste.

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Established in the Charente region since 1270, the Frapin family is a family of winegrowers and distillers for 21 generations. The Grande Champagne region, Premier Cru of Cognac, has become their homeland. With its exceptional vineyards covering more than 240 hectares, the Frapin family passionately embodies the alliance of ancestral know-how and century-old methods. All its cognacs are harvested, distilled and aged on the estate. In 2008, their "Multimillésime n°1 Frapin" was elected "Best Spirit in the World" at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) in London. A first for a cognac! 

Cognac Frapin has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. The EPV label is a mark of recognition by the State set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how. Only 3 Cognac houses have been awarded the label to date.

Grande Champagne
40 %
70 cl

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