Cognac Frapin - Plume Frapin

Cognac Frapin - Plume Frapin

The terroir, the art of blending, patience and respect for nature make Plume Frapin an exceptional Cognac, produced in a limited edition of 500 numbered bottles. Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

Plume is a cognac dedicated to the illustrious ancestor of Maison Frapin, François Rabelais, born in 1494 and son of Anne-Catherine Frapin. A vibrant tribute in a golden ink.

In the cellars, hidden from view, is a place called Le Paradis. In this fragrant crypt, kept in hundred-year-old barrels, rest the very old Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie produced by several generations of Frapin. The Cellar Master has drawn from this exceptional collection to compose the Plume Frapin: about twenty eaux-de-vie, exclusively from Le Paradis; the symphony is patiently created and perfected to reach roundness, aromatic depth and balance.

The color is shimmering, almost velvety, with dark, orange reflections. The nose opens up with a powerful bouquet; notes of dried apricot, fig, orange and licorice blossom, supported by heady fragrances of tobacco and cigar box. In the mouth, the aromas unfold: candied fruits, prunes, forest floor... followed by the characteristic rancio.

A hymn to voluptuousness, Plume Frapin rests under the gold of a luxurious bottle, signed by the famous workshops of the Orfèvrerie d' Anjou. A clever balance between tradition and modernity, two solid pewter feathers gilded with 18-carat rose gold embrace the decanter and crown the stopper with their panache. 

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Established in the Charente region since 1270, the Frapin family is a family of winegrowers and distillers for 21 generations. The Grande Champagne region, Premier Cru of Cognac, has become their homeland. With its exceptional vineyards covering more than 240 hectares, the Frapin family passionately embodies the alliance of ancestral know-how and century-old methods. All its cognacs are harvested, distilled and aged on the estate. In 2008, their "Multimillésime n°1 Frapin" was elected "Best Spirit in the World" at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) in London. A first for a cognac! 

Cognac Frapin has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. The EPV label is a mark of recognition by the State set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how. Only 3 Cognac houses have been awarded the label to date.

Grande Champagne
70 cl

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