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Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin "Paradis" - Héritage de Gaston Briand

This marvelous Cognac is an open book on history, a blend of eaux-de-vie handed down from generation to generation. It is made from 90% of cognacs from the 1900s, and 10% of eaux-de-vie distilled before the phylloxera crisis of 1870.

The three grape varieties Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche are present - but not only. This treasure of the Maison Ragnaud-Sabourin also contains several old grape varieties that have now disappeared: Jurançon, Blanc Ramé, Bouilleaux, Balzac Blanc and finally Chalosse.

It is difficult to describe this legendary Cognac. That is why we will quote Gérard Allemandou, a 12 year Michelin starred chef, who is also passionate about Cognac and the Charente region.

"With its bright bronze color and its transparent veil, this cognac shows a perfect brilliance. It has a pleasant attack on the nose, dominated by an extremely complex Rancio, allowing it to reach the highest level of distillation for a Grande Champagne. But its refinement and sophistication require time.

Developing strength while retaining elegance, the taste develops into a refined and enchanting roundness - bringing a generous harmony that offers new pleasures at every turn. The balance is perfect between the nose and the palate. It is a moment of peace, a moment of change, a moment of grace.

A grandiose Cognac that should be reserved for exceptional and prestigious moments".

Sold in a 50cl case.

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Since 1850, the Ragnaud-Sabourin family has been cultivating a vineyard located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, the first growth of cognac. All their cognacs have been produced and marketed for 4 generations, from the top-of-the-range eaux de vie distilled on the property and without blending of crus. Today, the estate is run by Annie Ragnaud-Sabourin and her son Olivier.

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