Whisky Alfred Giraud - Harmonie

Whisky Alfred Giraud - Harmonie

Alfred Giraud is a 100% independent and family-owned company. Three generations work together, hand in hand, with a common goal: the production of a top-of-the-range whisky thanks to their deep knowledge of French spirits and Scotch whisky, their expertise and the links they have built with the best coopers and the best producers of raw materials in France. 

This powerful yet engaging whisky demonstrates the elegance achieved through the blending and aging processes. Produced in extremely limited quantities through access to exceptional casks, HARMONIE begins with a blend of two unpeated French malt distillates, housed in three types of casks: a large majority of very old cognacs, new French Limousin oak casks and new American oak casks. The blend is then aged in barrels containing very old cognacs, then blended with a lightly peated French malt before being placed back in the same barrels until the aromatic palette is perfectly balanced. After a lively attack, a balance between the fruity floral perfume and a discreet peaty touch.

Blend : Triple malts triple wood

Annual production : 7 casks

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Alfred Giraud
70 cl

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