Vodka La Philosophe

Vodka La Philosophe

La Philosophe is a high-end, artisanal vodka, 100% French. It was launched in 2014 by Alexandre Rizzotto, a young entrepreneur from Caen in Normandy, and his friend and associate Guillaume Bisiaux.

It is made in a microdistillery located in the Charente department, from blond wheat grown in the Beauce region. It is continuously distilled, unfiltered and without added sugars. It finally receives a touch of citrus - but it is not a flavored vodka - and then spring water from Charente to bring the distillate to 40 °.

The philosopher has a nose, with some citrus notes. Long and mineral in the mouth, finely spiced, with a smooth, even creamy finish, it reminds of almond milk!

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Why this name? In some philosophical doctrines, the study of the 4 elements allows to describe and analyze the functioning of the world; they are all found during the distillation: the earth represented here by the wheat, the fire under the alembic, which creates a system of evaporation symbolized by the air, and finally the final liquid at the exit of the alembic: water. ... the water of life!

French vodka
40 % vol.
70 cl

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