Djin - "Nature Immunité",...

Djin - "Nature Immunité", Non-alcoholic Gin

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Variant number 2 of the famous Djin, Nature Immunity is a true revitalising spirit. It is made from 20 medicinal plants selected for their antioxidant properties. This Djin offers a serious, healthy and qualitative alternative to those who cannot or do not want to consume alcohol, without giving up sensory pleasure.

Fresh and fruity with notes of blackcurrant, blueberry, wild berries and hints of pepper. The finish is fruity and minty with a nice bitterness. Enjoy it neat over ice or in cocktails (ideally with a tonic). It can be used as a substitute to a white spirit in the preparation of a non-alcoholic cocktail.

DJIN SPIRITS was created in 2019 by Romuald Vincent (Maison Dâme) to meet the growing demand from bar professionals and consumers for a superior quality "non-alcoholic spirit" capable of satisfying the highest demands.

The production is based on an innovative technique of aromatic extraction developed by the Master Liqueur Maker in his workshop. It takes place in the family home in Saint-Brice, a small town located in the Charente.

The spirits that come out of the stills have a unique taste and all the organoleptic qualities of the greatest spirits without any of the effects attributed to alcohol. Organic, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free.

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