Millésime 1995 - Cognac Tiffon Fins Bois

Millésime 1995 - Cognac Tiffon Fins Bois

Distilled in Jarnac in the Charente in the purest tradition, this vintage has all the characteristics of the Fins Bois: richness, power, roundness. With a beautiful copper color, it offers a complex nose of blackcurrant and candied fruit aromas, as well as the much sought-after taste of rancio, the result of a long aging. 

The Tiffon house has a rich Franco-Norwegian history where the past and the present come together. 

In 1875, the young Médéric Tiffon created his own cognac house on the south bank of the Charente, near the center of the village of Jarnac. In 1913, his daughter Edith Rousseau married Sverre Braastad from Gjøvik, Norway. Sverre Braastad took over Tiffon and subsequently bought Château de Triac in the 1940s. He lived there until his death, still collecting firewood on the property at the age of 99. He and Edith used to gather their eight children and many grandchildren every Sunday for dinner at the château. It was an important tradition, and there was no excuse not to come.

Five generations after Médéric Tiffon created the brand, and three generations after Sverre Braastad took over, the family is still producing cognac according to old family traditions. They take care of all the stages of production, from the harvesting of the grapes to the production of the wine, the distillation of the cognac and the maturation of the noble golden liquid, aged in their own damp cellars. 

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