Cognac Camus - Ile de Ré Fine Island

Cognac Camus - Ile de Ré Fine Island

An atypical Cognac from vineyards bathed in sunshine and caressed by the ocean, with a unique marine profile, deeply linked to its island origin.

The limestone and sandy soils of the island contribute to the vigor of the vines while the natural abundance of seaweed (kelp) and the windblown spray give the grapes a typically marine composition, richer in iodine. The island climate, windy but warmer than the mainland, creates the perfect environment for optimal maturation in barrels. 

The result is an elegant and fresh Cognac, with bright notes of white fruits such as peach and apricot. On the palate, juicy orchard fruits, a hint of caramel and almond aromas are balanced by cocoa, cinnamon and a subtle iodine touch. 

Since 1863, five generations have succeeded one another to establish the reputation of Camus, with a common conviction: to transmit, decade after decade, passion, heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence.

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70 cl

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