Cognac Frapin "Multimillésime n°7" - Cognac spirits
Cognac Frapin "Multimillésime n°7"
Cognac Frapin "Multimillésime n°7" - Cognac spirits

Cognac Frapin "Multimillésime n°7"

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Only 2100 bottles worldwide!

This Multimillésime n°7 is one of the treasures of the "Trésors du Château" collection. It is the result of the exceptional alliance of three vintages aged in dry cellars and selected for their organoleptic qualities and their great complementarity: 1989, 1991 and 1993.

From this harmony, this fabulous Cognac draws a great aromatic richness with fruity and vanilla notes.

A brilliant robe, with yellow-orange reflections. A fine, complex nose, with floral notes, such as lime blossom, fruity aromas, citrus and dried figs. The mouth is exceptionally rich in aromas, with a very long finish. 

The 1989 year forms the backbone of this N°7 by bringing vanilla and woody notes. As for 1991, it brings a touch of finesse with its fruity aromas: aromatic accents of candied fruits, apricot, orange, but also honey and spices! Finally, the year 1993 gives this Multimilllésime power as well as the citrus and honey notes that can be perceived in the mouth.

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Established in the Charente region since 1270, the Frapin family is a family of winegrowers and distillers for 21 generations. The Grande Champagne region, Premier Cru of Cognac, has become their homeland. With its exceptional vineyards covering more than 240 hectares, the Frapin family passionately embodies the alliance of ancestral know-how and century-old methods. All its cognacs are harvested, distilled and aged on the estate. In 2008, their "Multimillésime n°1 Frapin" was elected "Best Spirit in the World" at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) in London. A first for a cognac! 

Cognac Frapin has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. The EPV label is a mark of recognition by the State set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how. Only 3 Cognac houses have been awarded the label to date.

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