June Liqueur of Gin - Wild Peach

June Liqueur of Gin - Wild Peach

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet is the head of the renowned Maison Villevert, located in Merpins, Charente. To create his gins, he has adapted a recipe dating back to 1495 and whose base was distilled grapes rather than grain alcohol, which gives them a smoothness and a nice creaminess. Their copper still, specially designed for G'Vine Floraison, is beautifully named Lily Fleur, because the uniqueness of their gins is that they contain hand-picked vine flowers in the spring, which is a great luxury since they will not bear fruit in September.

It is on this exceptional basis that June was created. Fresh and fragrant, June is a gin liqueur where vine peaches, summer fruits and G'Vine Gin, a French gin elaborated by Maison Villevert from grapes, merge. Pleasantly perfumed, round and smooth, it is a delight to sip with sparkling water or a good tonic, with a few slices of white fruit. 

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Maison Villevert
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