Veine d'Épine Noire - Dame de Pique

Veine d'Épine Noire - Dame de Pique

Maison Dâme was created in 2016 by Romuald Vincent in order to revive the region's then disappearing spirits. It is housed in the family home of Saint-Brice, a small town near Jarnac in Charente.

La Dame de Pique is a cross between a liqueur and a wine. With its 12 degrees of alcohol and its fruity aromas of prunes, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a light digestive at the end of a meal. "Romuald Vincent

Blackthorn Vein is a liqueur wine made from the slow maceration of the shoots and berries of the Blackthorn tree, also known as Blackthorn, with Cognac added. The original recipe was developed over 50 years ago by Romuald's grandfather, Christian, formerly of Rémy Martin. Very fragrant, it offers both fresh and candied notes of plums, prunes and a light touch of licorice.

It is recommended to serve it very fresh. Once opened, it can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator. 

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Maison Dâme
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