Gin G'Vine - Floraison

Gin G'Vine - Floraison

Did you know that the first gins were made from grape brandy? Grains, which were cheaper to produce, gradually replaced grapes and today 99% of the world's gins are made from fermented grains.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, master distiller of Maison Villevert, a family estate dating back to the 16th century near Cognac, decided in the early 2000s to break away from the established rules while respecting tradition. In his quest for a truly original gin, the master distiller had the idea of macerating the vine flower (ephemeral, this flower only appears for a few days, usually in June) in grape alcohol made from Ugni Blanc, and then blending it with 9 other plants and spices - juniper berry, green cardamom, cubeb berry, liquorice, lime, coriander, quassia amara, nutmeg and ginger. This bold choice also proves to be courageous, as the harvested flowers can no longer produce grapes in September.

Tasting Notes: Juniper berries are enhanced by a bouquet of aromas and botanicals that bring a unique touch to the traditional gin. It reveals elegant, floral and sweet notes on the palate that are a perfect match for premium tonics.

G'Vine Tonic: take a long drink glass and put four or five medium ice cubes in it. Pour in 4 cl of G'Vine and top it off with 12 cl of Fever Tree or any other craft tonic. You will obtain an elegant cocktail, with a refined pale green color, which you can garnish with a lemon wedge or a few white grapes.


Maison Villevert
Soft, floral, spicy
70 cl
2018: Gold medal, Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago.

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