La Coulée du Méridien 2015 - Château...

La Coulée du Méridien 2015 - Château de Parnay - Saumur Champigny (organic)

The meridian of Greenwich crosses the parcel of vines from which this wine comes. The rich and deep black color announces the great maturity of the Cabernet Franc grapes. The nose is suave, with an almost sweet olfactory complexity. It offers aromas of stewed black fruits and spicy vanilla notes brought by the meticulous maturation in French oak barrels. The palate is dense and generous, with licorice aromas followed by the vanilla sweetness provided by the wood. A network of tight tannins adds dimension to the wine.

The Château de Parnay spreads over 35 hectares of vines that are certified organic. The vineyard is divided up in four blocks of plots, all located in a premium terroir, on a clay-limestone soil.


Château de Parnay
Saumur Champigny
Loire Valley
Cabernet Franc
Farming practices
Certified organic
75 cl

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