Millésime 1975 - Cognac Lhéraud Fins...

Millésime 1975 - Cognac Lhéraud Fins Bois

This old Cognac Fins Bois vintage 1975 comes in its wooden box, signed Cognac Lhéraud. 

Coming exclusively from the Fins Bois, this Cognac offers aromas of spices, cocoa, and slightly sweet scents. In the mouth, it is round and balanced, with notes of vanilla. The finish is long and harmonious. 

The history of the Lhéraud family goes back to 1680, when Alexandre Lhéraud, living in Petite Champagne, planted vines in his garden. Victor, Jean, Pierre, Eugène, Rémy and finally Guy followed. The latter, with his wife Andrée and their son Laurent, contributed to make Lhéraud a brand recognized worldwide. 

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It is at the Lasdoux estate, in the commune of Angeac, behind the walls of an old house, that the soul of the estate resides. The five cellars made of blonde Charente stone, where the Limousin oak barrels rest, allow for natural aging, without addition or reduction. This is what gives Lhéraud cognacs, armagnacs and pineaux their incomparable flavor.

The vineyards cover 85 hectares planted with ugni blanc, colombard and folle blanche, spread over two of the six cognac crus, mainly the Petite Champagne. The Petite Champagne brings roundness and the scent of violets ; Grande Champagne offers complexity and the sand of the Fin Bois allows for freshness and aromas. The Lhéraud cognacs are made of this diversity.

Fins Bois

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