"Coeur de Malbec" Cahors 2020

"Coeur de Malbec" Cahors 2020

As famous for its Valentré bridge as it is for its "black wine", Cahors has a diverse geology for its vineyards, between Causse and alluvial terraces of the Lot. The oldest ones, called "second" and "third" terraces, are the most sought after because they are the most qualitative. It is this terroir that is preferred for this cuvée, as well as the limestone plateau of the Causse. Classically vinified in the Bordeaux style, this Cahors is matured for a year without too much wood to preserve its freshness and roundness.

This cuvée comes from the poorest and most expressive terroirs. The yields are naturally controlled and give this wine its unique style with notes of small black fruits, garrigue and sweet spices. On the palate, a pulpy and suave texture. This is a Cahors that expresses both the strength of its variety and an unusual elegance. 

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At the beginning, companions in love with the wines of the South-West decided to share their passion... They soon had an idea, a tenuous one, to do what no one had ever done, to create a quality wine merchant's house on the theme of the wines of the South-West, following the example of other regions such as Burgundy, the Rhone... Under the impulse of Lionel Osmin, "Lionel Osmin et Cie" was born, to carry loudly and clearly the discovery of the grape varieties and unique terroirs of this region: Jurançon, Cahors, Gaillac, Bergerac, and even Marcillac.

Lionel Osmin & Cie
South West
13.5 %
75 cl

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