Cognac Bourgoin - Microbarrique 1998,...

Cognac Bourgoin - Microbarrique 1998, 35 cl

A Cognac over 20 years old, aged in small 10 liter barrels that have been treated with "bousinage crocodile", a special process that consists of burning the inside of the barrel (which becomes cracked like the skin of a crocodile) to catalyze key chemical changes in the wood that in turn affect the interaction between the alcohol and the wood during the aging process. Cognac Microbarrique is also, before bottling, slightly reduced to a lower alcohol level through the addition of purified and oxygenated rainwater.

The result is a smooth, round, and fruity cognac with aromas of exotic fruits (mango, banana, roasted pineapple), strawberry jam and bourbon vanilla. Its alcohol content is 43% vol. It is presented in a 35cl bottle, apothecary size.

Maison Bourgoin is a family estate that bears the Bourgoin name since 1930. Located on the borders of Cognac and Angoumois in the village of Tarsac, in the commune of Saint Saturnin (Charente), the property includes 90 hectares of vineyards.

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Maëlys Bourgoin and her brother Frédéric offer cognacs made with no blending, no filtration, no coloring and no added sugar. The batches are bottled by vintage, by terroir (premiers bois ou fins bois ou petite champagne), and by cask (single cask). The old vintages are sold without dilution, full proof. Reductions are always made with rainwater to optimize the aromas. The bottling is done by hand and at the estate. 

Maison Bourgoin

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