Buzet 2019 - Sans soufre

Buzet 2019 - Sans soufre

This red wine exudes joie de vivre, between richness and freshness. Aromas of ripe red and black fruits (prunes, cherries...) typical of Merlot, as well as a touch of licorice, more characteristic of Cabernet Sauvignon. On the palate, this blend offers a beautiful fruitiness, full and rich, accompanied by light toasted notes.

The Buzet appellation is located at the crossroads of two major wine regions. It is closely linked to the Bordeaux vineyards by its grape varieties, its geological characteristics and its climatological influence, but its accent comes from its proximity to the South-West.

The Bordeaux grape varieties take on a Gascon accent, friendly and generous in this red wine without sulfur, opulent and suave at the same time.

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At the beginning, companions in love with the wines of the South-West decided to share their passion... They soon had an idea, a tenuous one, to do what no one had ever done, to create a quality wine merchant's house on the theme of the wines of the South-West, following the example of other regions such as Burgundy, the Rhone... Under the impulse of Lionel Osmin, "Lionel Osmin et Cie" was born, to carry loudly and clearly the discovery of the grape varieties and unique terroirs of this region: Jurançon, Cahors, Gaillac, Bergerac, and even Marcillac.

Lionel Osmin & Cie
South West
Merlot et Cabernet Sauvignon
75 cl

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