Charbonnay 2020 - Vin de Terril

Charbonnay 2020 - Vin de Terril

Limited to 1 bottle per person.

The "Charbonnay" shows its origins in one word: a chardonnay born in coal country! 

This dry white wine comes from the Haillicourt spoil tip, the only one of the 339 mining sites in Northern France to have been planted with vines. 

This original idea is the work of Olivier Pucek, a local. Born at the foot of this imposing slag heap and today the owner of a vineyard in Charente, the descendant of a family of miners has remained attached to his native region. If the idea may be surprising, it very much makes sense. The schistous and carbonaceous soil of the slag heap is poor and draining, and therefore ideal for viticulture. The location on the slopes, on steep hillsides (80%!) facing south, offers maximum sunshine to each vine. In addition to these favorable conditions, a small wind sweeps through the vineyard and contributes to a healthy climate, protecting the vines from mildew and grey rot.

For this project, Olivier joined forces with Henri Jammet, a winemaker from the Charente region known for his amazing white wines made from Chardonnay. Together, they chose this vigorous and versatile grape variety for their unusual vineyard. In 2011, they planted 2,000 vines on the southern slope of the mine tailings mound. Three years later, the first harvest took place. In 2018, finally, Charbonnay got the right to be commercialized! 

The 2019 Charbonnay offers a pure, precise nose with slightly candied aromas. In the mouth, it is "fragrant and very buttery", balanced. An all together subtle and complex wine from the North. 

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