Cocotte Blanche 2017 - Pays d'Oc

Cocotte Blanche 2017 - Pays d'Oc

La Cocotte Blanche comes from an exceptional vineyard planted in 1907. Among the maccabeu vines (90%), there are a few vines of white grenache and grey grenache that were co-planted. It grows on a travertine soil which gives a unique mineral touch. With a very low yield, the blended grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks and finish in Burgundy barrels, with bâtonnage and aging on lees. Only 900 bottles are produced.

Régis Franc, who is also a comic book author and filmmaker, bought a small piece of land in 2007 at the foot of the Alaric mountain, southeast of Carcassonne in the Corbières. There, there is a farmhouse in poor condition built in 1783 and a closed surrounding 2.6 hectares of vines centenarians. The vineyard is poorly maintained but its location (sheltered by the mountains from the prevailing northeast wind that dries out the vegetation, and close to a spring that provides coolness) protects it from water stress. The work of restoration lasts 3 years. The first harvest (a few rows of vines, just to see) takes place in September 2010. Chante Cocotte was born.



"If Mr. Bernard works wonders in the cellar, it is perhaps because he always says when he enters the barrel cellar: "Hello, little ones, daddy's here...".  And if every year, in the coldest part of winter, Mr Robert is the only figure leaning over the earth for miles around, if he is up at daybreak in the middle of summer to go and caress the foliage, it is because our vineyard manager Mr Robert takes as much pleasure as we do in leading these vines that give this unique wine that is Chante Cocotte... "

Maccabeu (90 %), grenache blanc, grenache gris
75 cl

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