Rhum Tiaré - Flavored rum ""Pain...

Rhum Tiaré - Flavored rum ""Pain d'épices", gingerbread

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This rum is made with oranges, which combine wonderfully with cinnamon, a spice with an unequalled aromatic power. Known since ancient times, it is highly appreciated for its fragrant flavor. Another small spice will titillate your taste buds: cardamom. 

Robe : light orange color, with oranges cut in small quarters floating at the top of the bottle, while the spices dance in the rum.

Nose: warm, it evokes the magic of Christmas.

Mouth: an explosion of flavors with first cinnamon, followed by cardamom and orange. The ginger brings a tangy note.

Availability: end of the year.

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Tiaré was born from two passions shared by Pascal and Valérie: gastronomy and mixology. The adventure began in Saint-Junien, near Limoges, and continued in Nanclars, near Angoulême.

The blends are conceived as gastronomic creations, harmoniously combining seasonal fruits (baked or not), spices from the four corners of the world (Papua New Guinea, Ceylon, Cambodia, etc.) and aromatic, floral and marine plants... They highlight regions (Basque Country, Charente Maritime, Provence) and small producers committed to organic and sustainable farming. They awaken your senses and tickle your taste buds.

The visual identity was born from Pascal and Valerie's trip to Polynesia. The Tiaré flower, symbol of the Pacific, inspired the logo. It keeps the shape of the flower and fills it with Maori symbols that evoke the traditional tattoos. The bottle, with its rounded corners and white glass, reveals the dance of fruits and spices magnified by the screen-printed Tiaré flower. It is closed by an elegant Vinolok cap. 

The manufacturing process is rigorous: each ingredient is dosed with precision to create unique and harmonious tastes, starting with white rums. Each bottle is produced on demand.

Rhum Tiaré
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