Millésime 1999 - Cognac Fins Bois Deau

Millésime 1999 - Cognac Fins Bois Deau

Cognac DEAU is located in Sireuil (Charente), and more precisely "Aux Moisans" in the heart of the Cognac region. The history of the company begins in 1685, during the reign of King Louis XIV, when Louis Deau settles in Charente as a winegrower and discovers the alchemy of the stills. 

For several generations the Bru Legaret family has owned and operated this wine estate. Today, Véronique Bru Legaret and her son Roland Legaret run the company. Their distillery, with its 12 copper stills, is next to the old cellars where the precious eaux-de-vie of their Collection are aged in more than 2000 barrels.

The "Griffin", emblem of the family, is the symbolic guardian of nature's treasures. Today he is the noble protector of the vines and of the golden elixir kept in the cellars.

Deau Millésime 1999 Cognac Fins Bois is distilled from the 1999 harvest only and made exclusively from Cognac Fins Bois. A nose of caramel with Guérande salt, molasses, orange chocolate, followed by autumnal flavours of apples and tarte Tatin. Sweetness, roundness and clean flavours.

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