Hidden Loot Original Amber Spiced Rum...

Hidden Loot Original Amber Spiced Rum - Naud

It was in Panamá, a favourite land of pirates in the 17th century, that the best sugar cane was found and cut to distil a rum of the highest quality. After a long ageing in Bourbon barrels, it was transported from the Caribbean Sea to our Atlantic Coast where it was enriched with fine spices and natural aromas under the beneficial influence of Emile Perrier whose spirit still haunts our Distillery on the banks of the Seugne.

Its nose offers rich aromas of vanilla, banana and coconut, with a touch of wood. The palate is smooth, sweet and fruity (orange, vanilla, cocoa bean). It invites you to a sweet tropical reverie.

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Built in the 19th century in Pons, in the south-west of France, the old Pinthiers grain mill, with its paddle wheel, was transformed into a family distillery in 1923. Well hidden on a small island, the old limestone building, bordered by lime and willow trees, is surrounded by two arms of the Seugne. It is a very singular distillery nestled on its island, protected from prying eyes! Inside, five old traditional 2,500 litre stills, surprisingly well preserved, are starting a second life. Their small size contributes to the elaboration of unique batches. For decades, Emile Perrier meticulously elaborated original liqueurs which enjoyed a good reputation in the region. At the time, it was then called the Perrier Distillery. 

For a century, five generations of passionate entrepreneurs have succeeded one another in the property. The last of the lineage are even a little rebellious. In the 1980s, Robert Perrier's son-in-law, Jean-Michel Naud, an oenologist by training and a passionate explorer of wine and spirit aromas, rediscovered the estate. With his son Pierre, they decided to rekindle the flame of the traditional copper stills to produce noble and racy cognacs and to offer a range of original and seductive spirits.

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