Gin Bio - Grands Domaines (Francis...

Gin Bio - Grands Domaines (Francis Abécassis)

The "Grands Domaines" Gin is an artisanal 100% Juniper Gin that gives back all its meaning to the word Gin! It is made from soft winter wheat grown on my farm in the Camargue. Committed for more than 20 years to organic farming and always looking for the perfect match, I wanted you to find in this gin the aromas of wheat and the finesse of organic juniper berries. I wanted to get back to the essence of what Gin is, a precise and timed maceration of Juniper berries followed by a light filtration to get a lot of roundness in the mouth and unique flavors." 

Francis Abécassis

An elegant nose in the image of the house, characterized by the subtle and delicate presence of juniper berries and citrus aromas. On the palate, a powerful attack with notes of lemon and juniper.


Grands Domaines - Francis Abécassis
40 %
70 cl

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