Gin Confidential

Gin Confidential

Two friends, Germain Raby and Axel Frétigné, are behind Confidential Gin, which they launched in 2018. The first is the son of a Cognac winemaker, the second from the Bordeaux region. Confidential is already present in several Michelin starred restaurants, including Michel Sarran in Toulouse. 

Confidential is produced in small quantities in the heart of Germain's family estate in Segonzac, the capital of Grande-Champagne, Cognac. Its name refers to the silk-screen print on the bottle representing a photo of a grandfather who lived in the Basque country and was a smuggler in his youth ; but also to the fact that this Gin is made against the grain in the land of Cognac.

The first step is the maceration of botanicals (purchased from a French herbalist Certified Organic - the main ones are juniper berry, hibiscus, Sichuan pepper and horseradish root), then their distillation with infusion. After distillation, the gin is slowly reduced and filtered. Bottling and finishing, rope and wax, are done by hand directly at the property, then the bottles are stored on site at Domaine Elie Raby. 

Confidential offers notes of rose and pepper on the nose. It has a round and smooth attack in the mouth and a subtle finish marked by the Sichuan pepper. 


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70 cl

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