Ginetic Dry Gin

Ginetic Dry Gin

Ginetic is made in the heart of the Distillerie des Moisans, a hamlet that one crosses by taking a narrow and sinuous road; on both side the cellars, the distillery with the 12 boilers, the offices and finally the Master House which welcomes visitors and lovers of cognac... and of gin!

Ginetic Dry Gin reveals fresh citrus notes and a touch of ginger. Juniper in the foreground, supported by floral notes in a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy cardamom, followed by an abundance of citrus zest associated with the spices of coriander and ginger. It offers a very fresh finish with a peppery touch.

The complexity of its elaboration lies in the separate distillation in a copper still of each aromatic after maceration of the ingredients in neutral grain alcohol at 45°.

Its exact composition is kept secret, but here are some of the botanical treasures that make up the subtle notes released by the berries and aromatics: juniper, Jamaican pepper, lemon peel, Spanish coriander, angelica, cinchona. Its original flavors will inspire mixology enthusiasts.


Distillerie des Moisans
40 %
70 cl

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