Ginger Beer - Flor de Jamaica

Ginger Beer - Flor de Jamaica

This fermented drink inspired by the traditional Jamaican recipe combines the spicy notes of ginger with the floral bouquet of hibiscus. Enjoy it by itself or in a cocktail. 

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Created in July 2013, La Débauche brewery, located in Angoulême, Charente, is first and foremost the story of a couple passionate about beer and graphic design. Wishing to prove themselves in the brewing world, Aurélien Camandone and Églantine Clément, along with their team, worked hard to acquire a know-how that is now recognized and thus give their brewery the means to achieve their quality requirements. No less than 800,000 liters of beer are brewed each year, and more than 175 different recipes have been produced since its creation.

La Débauche
Ginger Beer
44 cl

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