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Whisky Hakushu Single Malt - Distiller's Reserve

Located in the heart of the "Japanese Alps", the Hakushu distillery produces a wide variety of Single Malts including the Hakushu Distiller's Reserve. This is the result of a new range of unaged spirits, the result of the marriage of lightly peated spirits with others that are strongly peated. Fresh and elegant, it offers citrus notes (yuzu and lemon), smoky and peppery aromas, all in a complex and nuanced sweetness. 

Victime de son succès


The Hakushu Distillery belongs to the Suntory group. Keizo Saji inherited his father’s vision in his quest for innovation and constructed this second Suntory distillery in 1973, half a century after Yamazaki.

Three elements make up this Single Malt:

- young whiskies aged less than 10 years, aged in Bourbon casks and lightly peated, chosen for their pure and refreshing aromas.

- An old whisky aged in American white oak barrels for more than 18 years. It brings complexity and power. 

- finally, for the smoky note, a young whisky with a strong peaty taste, aged for about 12 years in Bourbon barrels.

Single Malt whisky
43 %
70 cl

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